There are many patients who are "Dental Phobic." Scared of all that is dental such as dental treatment(root canals, teeth removal), drills, needles etc. Many a times this stops them from consulting a dentist, even when they have a dental condition that needs attention

It is also difficult for the dentist to perform dental procedurs on anxious and or phobic patients, especially during a complicated procedure that may require precision. This often leads to poor dentistry and frustration for both the patient and the dentist.

Sedation dentistry is a solution that offers many methods to subside pain and anxiety.

Contrary to the belief, sedation is a very safe procedure and has been in practice for quite some time. We at MM Family and Sleep Dentistry advocate the use of only the safest methods in practice. None of the sedation methods we use have any ill-affects on patients health. They are used after careful diagnosis and are applied only when absolutely necessary.

Every sedation method has a different purpose. Milder forms of sedation are used to calm the patient in case of mild anxiety,wheras deep sedation and general anesthesia may be employed to ease out discomforting procedures and/or in patients with special needs.

Contact us today if you have feel that you should be sedated for your dental work. Rest assured that at MM Family and Sleep Dentistry we will take care of you like family.